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Services provided by this area allow your company to outsource certain duties of its administration, leaving them into the hands of independent and specialized professionals, enabling clients to substantially reduce cost while focusing on their core business.

Credit Risk Analysis

Expectations to recover any granted credit will be satisfied only in the case of verifying two conditions:

  1. that the client wants to pay (intention of repayment) and
  2. that the client can pay (capacity of repayment)

The capacity of repayment depends fundamentally on its capacity to generate enough benefits and the cash necessary (or access to the money market, in its case) to cancel the debt.

Our credit risk reports aim to reducing uncertainty by reasoned arguments based on a meticulous study of strong and weak points of the prospect debtor and the reasonability of the its projected cash flow .

Recovery of doubtful credits

This service is oriented so much to the recovery of great volumes of small accounts as of excellent accounts, when the Company internal organization has exhausted its resources, or when these have been exceeded temporary or permanently. This situation requires the attendance of specialized professionals, including or not the intervention of lawyers and extending the actions, inclusively, to the judicial scope. Our service can be taken, also, in order to control the management made by third parties.

Preparation of salaries, wages and Indirect labour costs

Staff constitutes the basic resource that decides the success or failure of a company. Its administration is difficult as much in the aspect of interpersonal relationship as legal issues. The breach of formal requirements in different labour procedures can originate fines, surcharges and interest in addition to unnecessary conflicts with the involved people.