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MDyA also assists its clients in the search and acquisition of financial resources between the traditional sources (Official, banking or private suppliers) through our service of Money Market Assistance.

When it is advisable to search for excellent financing outside the money market, our Capital Markets Assistance provided by our multidisciplinary expert team allows you to:

  • Issuance of Shares, Negotiable Bonds or other financial instruments.
  • Formation of Transitory Unions of Companies, Groups of Collaboration, Partnerships of Cooperation and Joint Ventures.
  • Merge & Acquisitions, Splits & Sales
  • Incorporation of New Partners

Combining deep legal, tax and financial engineering expertise has allowed us the efficient development of special financial businesses. Our Firm provides certain financial products as "turnkey projects

  • Leasing (national and international)
  • Trusts (Private and Financial Trust)
  • Societies for Reciprocal Guarantees (SGRs)

The development of these products are integral and tailor made to our clients requirements covering the different commercial, financial, tax, legal, organizational and administrative aspects.

Completing our menu, The Finances Department offers two additional services to your company financial management:

  • Development of Investment Projects and New Businesses
  • Planning and Management Control