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The high level of Argentine taxation requires permanent searching for alternatives to minimize costs letting highly competitive deals be successfuly closed maximizing profits. To achieve these basic goals our Firm provides the following services:

Tax Planning

  • Strategic analysis to legally differ tax payments.
  • Tax saving proposals based on tax breaks granted by law.

Tax Auditing

  • Periodical revisions of the duly accomplishment of tax liabilities to prevent interest charges and penalties.

Tax Administration

  • Filing or revision of Federal, State or Municipal tax returns.
  • Assessment or revision of accounting tax provisions.
  • Assessment and analysis of possible reduction of tax advanced payments.
  • Assitance in the duly accomplishment of withholding tax liabilities.

Tax Counseling

  • Identification of any taxable issue on a given commercial transactions.
  • analysis of international agreements to avoid double taxation.
  • administrative and court remedies to fiscal claims.